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So remember when I said my goal was to get a guest post on here by the end of the year? Well it has finally arrived! This first guest post is by Kristy Carey, who I have met through Dragon’s Rocketship, and in it she answers the ultimate writing question. Why do you write in the genre you do? I hope you all get to enjoy and fall in love with this writer who’s most recent work The Wandering Wizard, released this past summer, is available on Kindle right now!
And now to hand the blog over to Kristy! Have at it girl!


The Wandering Wizard Available on Kindle

The Wandering Wizard Available on Kindle

Hello all!! Jessie’s letting me take over her blog for the day. Little does she know what this will entail. 😀

I’m gonna talk a bit about why I write Fantasy, or in my case Urban Fantasy.

When I was young, I picked up a book from the epic book shelf in my dad’s computer room. It lined one wall and had tons of books on everything you could imagine. [I was 14, so I thought it was awesome.]

The Diamond Throne by David Eddings.

It had a nifty picture of a woman on a throne [gasp] encased in something [diamonds?] with a knight kneeling before her, holding his sword. Holy crap, that was awesome and I had to know what the story was about.

So, I started to read it and before too long told my parents we needed to visit a book store, cause I wanted book two.. The Ruby Knight. Had to have it.

Now, by this time I’d already seen The Last Unicorn, The Flight of Dragons, The Neverending Story, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings… And others I’m sure. But they were movies or cartoons. Everything was laid out before me. And I have nothing against them, in fact I still watch them.

But books allowed me to no longer be stuck in the car while mom talked, but following Sparkhawk and the other Church Knights on a quest to cure the incurable.

Guess you could say, David Eddings was my gateway book into the world of Fantasy.

Here’s the odd part of all that. The number of fantasy books I’ve ready, fairly small. Tolkien, Eddings, Jordan, Brooks and Aspirin are about the only authors in that category. And two of those [Jordan and Brooks] I gave up on after a while. Its not that I don’t want to read other authors, but Eddings became my tower to which all fantasy books must be held up against, and he’s not one that you find all that often out there.

Fans of some books have also turned me off, at least for a little while. I had one tell me that A, she was going to force me to read the books and B, that once I did Eddings would be nothing compared to her author. Sure, she didn’t mean it to come across how it did, but I decided I didn’t need to read them any time soon because of that.

At some point, I discovered Urban Fantasy and fell in love. The idea of melding all those wonderful fantasy elements into the modern world was too good to be true. And a friend reintroduced me to Harry Dresden, which of course did the same thing Eddings did.. Set a tower to which all others must meet.

So that’s what got me into it, but why do I write it?

Because I like modern settings. Or slightly futuristic. Because Urban Fantasy lets me do whatever the hell I want. Time travel? Sure. Elves? Why not. Gods that speed up the progression of a people too fast? Of course you can.

I’ve always been one to not only think outside the box, but to pretend it never existed in the first place. I want to do things in stories that at first leave you going ‘That doesn’t make sense…’ Only to have it seem the most natural thing in the world moments later.

Yes, I follow rules when I do my fantasy stories, but the rules aren’t as strict as you’ll find in modern or historical fiction, where you have times, dates and locations set in stone.

In my first NaNo novel [still sitting around in first draft], I blow up England. Turn it into a uninhabitable island of mutated cows. In killing 2 people in the past, by 2012 we’ve barely reached the 1950’s technological wise. Los Angeles becomes the rebel capital for a world at war, fighting against what we might think of as the norm in our LA.

It all sounds wrong, but in the story its perfect and makes sense.

Control, freedom, rules, no rules. Those are my reasons behind Why Fantasy.

Kristy C


10660960_10153168913206040_908534050_nKristy Carey is an author and blogger with a passion for creativity. With one publication under her belt, she plans to keep the momentum by focusing on the Urban Fantasy genre in future pieces. She is currently splitting her time between writing and steampunk jewelry design. Her passion in both writing and design, is to mix together elements that don’t belong, and make them seem natural. Kristy is currently working on a Superhero story staring The Protectors as they battle both Loki and Kronos.

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