Using Music as Inspiration

Using music when writing

On just about every page on MySpace that was for a teenager (at least when it was popular social networking) their tagline included “Music is life” or something similar to it. I did it as well when I as a young teen. Now that I’m in my twenties, nothing much has changed. I still love music and cannot go a day without it. It is the one thing I love most about working in a restaurant; music is playing constantly.

When I’m writing I always have music playing in the background. This is something common you find with writers. Especially those of us who cannot work in silence.

Writing using music can be very useful. Having music in the background can help you feel for the pace, and tension within the scene you are working on. It also helps you get into the mind of the character if you play their favorite music or something matching the mood of the character.

Now what type of music you listen to can affect the scene and how you write it. For example, you probably shouldn’t listen to Easy Listening (House Music) when you are in the middle of a fight scene or verbal conflict. On the other hand do you want to be listening to Heavy Metal when you are trying to write a romantic scene? I’ve tried and for me it isn’t easy.

Here are my go to artists:

Fight Scenes – Halestorm, Five Finger Death Punch

Sad Scenes – Evanescence

Romantic Scenes – Normally I go for instrumental piano music

How about you? What do you go for when you are playing music for your writing? Do you have playlist set up for certain scenes? If so, what’s included into it? 🙂 Please let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Using Music as Inspiration

  1. I never thought about setting up a playlist to write to. I’ve used music to adjust my moods to a better place but I can see how this could be very useful to reaching those difficult emotions when writing. Thank you for posting this.

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