Fantasy Friday – Werewolves (Part Four)


Also called the Rougarou, the Loup Garou is the French adaptation of the werewolf. Unlike the tales of the Faoladh, the origins of the Loup Garou tales are uncertain. Predominantly they are told in the former French territories (Louisiana and French Canada) but few tales from the country itself. Mainly it’s been difficult to find anything consistent about them.

In appearance the tales of the Loup Garou describe a creature with a human body but features of the wolf in the head. They are able to change others into Loup Garou if they have been injured by a person as a form of punishment. This also applies to the reverse, if a Loup Garou draws blood, their victim becomes one. Other tales have mentioned that the only way to be turned into one is by the power of a witch who can turn herself into a Loup Garou.

The tales of the Loup Garou have been used as a fear mechanism in both the hearts of children and French Catholics. For children, it was a means of getting them to go to bed on time or to behave in a general sense. [Much like using Santa to get them to behave in hopes of getting a present.] In the French interpretation of Catholicism, turning into a Loup Garou only happened if you defied the rules of Lent for seven years.

This is really all I’ve been able to find on the Loup Garou, and so far nothing from France itself. If you have better luck than I did, please contact me with links to the webpages or book pages on Amazon. I would create a link roundup (all credited to those who email the links) just on the Loup Garou. It’s greatly appreciated.

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