Literature Analysis

{77762293-a188-422b-b9db-4f4ed0bc7c5a}Img400I’ve always been fascinated with literature analysis, but you probably know that from the What Are You Reading? series. It was one of my favorite topics in college and it has become a hobby of mine to find the message behind a story and figure out how the writer is trying to show it to us. Recently I’ve picked up a book that feeds my fascination. How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster is a informative book but in a fun way and it’s what I refer back to while I’m reading other works. In reading it, I think about writing in a completely different way than I did before because I never think about the message behind my own story, rather just getting the story out. I would recommend this book to some of my writing friends when they ask me what they should read next and so far it’s one of my favorite nonfiction books.

Have you read this book? If you haven’t, have you read a book that changed the way you think about writing?

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2 thoughts on “Literature Analysis

  1. This book would scare me. When I started writing I was worried about themes and symbolism – basically anything you had to dissect at school. A friend told me they would come naturally, and I guess they did. But wow, if I read this I’d anaylse everything written and rewrite my whole book lol . Probably not a bad thing if I’m missing something…

    • When I started reading this book I thought the exact same thing you did. I hadn’t even started writing my book and I was worried as to what people would analyze out of it and whether they would have the same idea that I was going towards when I write.

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