Character Motivation

Character Creation Series

Unless you’re motivated to do something, you aren’t going to do it or do it with little effort. Why can’t it be the same for your characters? Without any sort of motivation, would there even be a story in the first place?

Motivation is the reason behind every bit of dialogue and action of every scene of every chapter in your novel. It is something that gives your character a way to keep the story moving, but there are three main kinds of motivation.

Character Plot Motivation

This is the motivation for an individual character and their purpose for being in the story. A character’s motivation often stems from something occurring in their backstory. There are cases where character motivation isn’t created until after the story begins though, usually by the initial plot points. It can range from changing themselves for the better to getting revenge. It’s their ultimate goal.

Character Scene Motivation

This type of motivation a little smaller than the Plot Motivation. It’s the purpose behind the scene as it connects to the plot usually seen as the goal.

Character Interaction Motivation

This is the type of motivation that describes why your characters interact with each other. This is where the Character Opinions portion of your profile come in handy, since this type of motivation affects relationships. If you have characters that don’t like each other, a reason behind the dislike makes sense.

What thoughts do you have on character motivation? Do you think there are more types than the ones I’ve listed?


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