Writing What You Know in Blogging


One of the most common writing “advice” that we all hear is write what you know. Well that probably isn’t the best thing to tell a fiction writer, since it’s our business to create out of thin air entire worlds. Though we could always take this advice and spin a little bit. I mean to be honest here, I know I’ll run out of topics about writing eventually and it takes me quite a bit of time to read through a book to analyze it. So what else could I write?

I took a look around at the writing blogs I follow, and some of them actually have posts that aren’t about writing. They aren’t about the writer’s lives either. These posts end up being about what they write about. Fantasy, world building, romance. Their books become the focus after a while rather than the craft itself. To me that is a sign of someone who realized what’s important to them. Their writing. Maybe, I’ll get to that point someday.

Many writers also have their specialties. Something in writing that they really respond to and excel in. For me that is character creation and development, hence the Character Creation Series I’m currently working on. Maybe that’s because I’m a huge Role Play Gamer and I know if you set a character up just right the game is worth playing. With characters it’s the same way. If made just right they will hold the reader’s hand and pull them into the work.

But I want to write more than just that.

I want to have people interested in my writing and feel like they would visit this site to see just what would happen next. It may come down to me posting a short story on here once in a while, or at least a scene from the universe my characters were in. Maybe I’ll post some of the things I research, stories of the Faoladh of Ireland, and the history of witches. I don’t know. Maybe.

What do you think my friends?

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One thought on “Writing What You Know in Blogging

  1. I’ve only just started myself so I don’t have advice as such. But I have heard that a blog will get more interest if the topic is of interest to the person reading it. So I’m just throwing out my experience with writing, hoping that people can relate 🙂 Good luck!

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