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Character interaction is an important part of fiction. Without it the plot has a hard time moving. If done poorly, your characters will appear to have no chemistry and may even end up sounding flat. *gasp*

Something to prevent that from happening is to take in to consideration what the other characters opinions are when creating a character profile. Maybe not as a far as telling you what to put down for a character other than themselves but mainly what they think about that character.

You can create an entire relationship between them and have one tells stories of their adventures in childhood, how they broke their heart, or even what they thought of them at first glance. Each one can, and will, be varied in length and detail, and they should be! No one ever thinks the same thing about a person as everyone else, despite what society says. With knowing how other characters see how the character you are creating, you can make them seem much more real and the interactions would seem real.

If you aren’t sure what to ask them, here are some suggestions:

  • What was your first meeting with this character like? What was your first impression of them?
  • How do they act around you?
  • How would you describe the relationship you have?
  • What do you like or dislike about this character?

Even with those few questions you are bound to get some good material. You may even find some details that can be included into the story. A good anecdote or two are sometimes helpful. Anything that will help the interactions seem realistic and natural.

So give it a shot and see what crazy things you come up with. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Character Opinions

  1. That makes perfect sense. I worry about the characterisation in my novel. Mainly that my secondary characters are on the flat side. Thinking about their opinions of each other is the perfect antidote. Thank you.

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