Serializing a Novel

I’ve always had a love for reading novel series. The Mercy Thompson Series, the Song of the Lioness, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, you name it. I guess I’m the type of reader that doesn’t want to be finished with the character after the book has ended. I’m the same way with my writing. I don’t want to be finished with my characters when I’m done with my novel. I even less want to be done with the whole Were-Witch universe. I just see it as a universe that has so many possibilities.

I know it’s kind of odd for me to say that now seeing how my journey with Aradia and her shop has only started. It is something you would expect from an author who has given life to a story for years, not one that’s outlining it’s first chapters. For me my ultimate writing goal isn’t to be published, or be on a best seller list. It’s actually to write a novel series with a universe of it’s own that will breathe life into so many tales and so many lives. Optimistic, I know, but I feel deep inside that this is what this universe I’m creating is capable of.

That’s what I want to do. Hell, it’s what I’ve been attempting to do since I started writing seven years ago. I did it with the fan fictions I used to write, though the sequels were never all that good. Maybe I’ll be able to get it right this time and create a series. Who knows?

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