Character Appearances Link Roundup

Link Roundup


Today’s Link Roundup Relates to Character Appearances! I’ll include some reference images as well as generators for your character profiles! 🙂 If you have anything that you think should be added on here add it in the comments, any reference helps.

Character Appearance Generator on RanGen – Great for when you have no idea as to what your character looks like. Here all you have to put in is gender, character type (Anime or Realistic), and amount of details you want to include and it will generate a paragraph of physical details for the character.

Young Adult Character Generator on DuoLit Consulting – Similar to the generator on RanGen this one pertains only to YA characters. They will also have your generated character on a customized URL for you to refer back to!

The Writer’s Bane: Describing Characters on The Bookshelf Muse – A great post on how to write character descriptions into a story.

Face Shapes Image from Duane Littles – Found this image on their FAQs page. A good simple way to describe face shapes.

Facial Hair Types on TipsLongHair.Com – If you ever see someone with a facial hair style and you don’t know what its called.

Eye Shapes on My Sacred Beauty – Image of different eye shapes.


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