Character Names Link Roundup!

Link Roundup

Hey Everyone! It’s link roundup time again! This week it’s related to the Choosing Character Names post from earlier this week. Included are some of the sites I’ve used to help with my character profiles in the naming section, and a few extra ones to help fill in gaps. These sites are chosen for how they are organized so each one is a little different. Good luck! 🙂

Behind the Name – Both their first name and surname sites are great for finding meanings in a name. Many sites have just the lists of most popular baby names but this site has them divided by culture and includes both meanings and variations of spellings.

Baby Names.Com – A really good site for finding more common names, but also includes an article to choosing names for writing characters.

The Social Security Site – If you are looking for the top ten most common names in the US this past year, or how the popularity of a name has changed over the years, this is a good site to look at. Plus you probably should have this as bookmarked if you live in the United States anyway.

RandomNames.Com – A random name generator is always fun!

Random Name Generator – Another random name generator in case you didn’t like the first one, and  this one includes one for last names!

100 Most Common U.S. Surnames – This is an article from About.Com which includes a list to the most common 100 last names in the country with links to the meanings of the last names.

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