Character Interview Roundup!

Link Roundup

Earlier this week I did a quick post on character interviews, but I felt like talking about it wasn’t enough. I know it’s hard for me to create questions for interviews, especially since I’m that person that rarely asks questions anyway, so I went and scoured the internet for sites that has character interview examples to help. Combined these links give you access to a few hundred questions to get you started! Hope every one of them helps you get closer to creating your character interview. 

Character Questionnaires from Gotham Writers – I like using this page and I’ve recommended it before in a previous round up but I still think it is a good one to take a look at. It includes two questionnaires to download.

Four Methods for Interviewing Characters on AutoCrit – Seems like a good overall site for writers but I really liked this article since it not only include sample questions but discussed different ways to approach the character interview.

100+ Questions to Help You Interview Your Character on Helping Writers become Authors – I follow this blogger on twitter (@KMWeiland) and love her writing questions of the day. This post includes her version of a character interview as well as a link to her free e-book Crafting Unforgettable Characters which has a much longer and detailed list.

Interview Your Character – A page of sample questions.

35 Questions to Ask Your Characters from Marcel Proust on The Write Practice – These are questions asked by a friend of Marcel Proust that he then answered. They are personal questions but are great for using in character interviews

Character Questionnaire on Pat Bertram Introduces… – Some yes or no questions here but entices you to give detailed answer for each.

365 Volume I: 365 Character Questions for Writers and Roleplayers – A downloadable .pdf file that is broken down by months so you can answer one question a day if you don’t have much time to answer them all at once.

Interview Your Characters on Crystal Stranaghan – A basic character sheet that includes must know questions for your interview. It’s a great one to start with.

Making Your Hero/Heroine Come to Life on Denise Robbins – A really fun article that makes you want to have fun interviewing your characters.

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