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In normal conversation, when you want to get to know a person you start asking questions, right? Although when you ask questions to a person you want to be friends with, you don’t ask them all at once. The “social interview” is a long and slow process as you have to tread lightly with topics that the person would feel uncomfortable with. When doing the same with your character, you don’t have that restriction. There really is no topic that is off limits. As a writer, you can ask them the uncomfortable questions without any real consequence. Your character isn’t going to stare at you oddly, or slowly back away. Nor are they going to say, “Hey something just came up. I need to go, but I’ll call you later.” and have you wait for a phone call that will never happen. They will tell you exactly what you are asking for in every possible detail.

A character interview is one of the best ways to get to know a character, after creating the backstory. You could have a millions things to ask them, or your readers would ask, and come up with answers until the sun comes down. The questions themselves can vary from something as simple as what their favorite color is to as complicated as what they would do in a specific scenario.

An important thing to remember is, just like your backstory, try to keep it related to your plot and how the character is involved in it. All the little details matter when it comes to creating a character, to make it breathe.

If you can’t think up any questions to ask your character, go to Pinterest, or your favorite search engine and type in “character interview” and you’ll have a few million results, and that’s not counting images. Another thing you can do is go to Writer’s Digest Shop and peruse through to find a dozen or so books on characters alone. But a round up related to this topic is definitely on my to do list. 😉

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