What Kind of Writer Do You Want to Be?

Types of Writers

The other night I was talking to my boyfriend about a detail I was debating with myself over for my novel. All he said in return was this,

It depends on what type of writer you want to be. Writers often show patterns in their work. So do you want your readers to know you as the writer that does that in a lot of their works?

He was right about something. Writers often have patterns that occur in their works. Kinda like how in the Godzilla movies, he shows up and saves the day then disappears just as fast as he arrived.

But it still made me think. What kind of writer do I want to be known as? Do I want to be that writer that kills a lot of characters off? (George R. R. Martin) Or do I want to be that writer that pretends to kill everyone but then perform a massive retroactive continuity on it? (Stephanie Meyer) Am I going to be that writer that has a similar plot pattern in every book I have for a series? Or am I going to be unpredictable for each one? (Side note: No, writers do not have stereotypes, but many do create patterns that can change after time.)

At this moment, I’m not all too sure about it. I’ve got characters that die before the story even begins. I have characters that I know are going to die at the end of my short story. I do know I’m going to be the type of writer that will leave cliffhangers at the end of my books, but that because I don’t feel like having an all conclusive ending. Maybe I just have a lot of soul searching to do while I’m editing.

What type of writer do you want to be?

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2 thoughts on “What Kind of Writer Do You Want to Be?

  1. I’m a character killer! 😀
    A review of my novel said it was about redemption, and I think that really captures what I’m going for. Yes, bad things happen to my characters, but it gives them (or at least the ones that live) a chance to create something better. I like to think I write stories of hope – but real hope, not sappy, unrealistic HEA hope. No matter the genre, I think that hope is in all my stories.

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