Character Development Link Roundup

Link Roundup

Time for another Link Roundup! This time the topic is on Character Development and Creation! I’ve scoured the search engines for some of the best pages I could find on the subject and would love to know what you think. I hope they help and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to add them to the comments. 

5 Ways to Get to Know Your Character – Janice Hardy (Fiction University)

A post that started out as part of a blog hop but transformed into a possible writing exercise asks the five most telling questions you can probably ask about your character.

On Writing Secondary Characters – Carly Watters, Literary Agent

Main characters can’t be your only characters. Watters gives some great suggestions as to what to think about when making your secondary characters a part of your work. Secondary doesn’t have to mean background.

The 9 Ingredients of Character Development – Chuck Sambuchino (Writer’s Digest)

He admits that he doesn’t know much about character-driven novels, but Sambuchino does know what to include in creating a character. From appearance to restrictions, he asks some good questions to think of when making a character.

Character Questionnaires – Gotham Writer’s Workshop

I absolutely love what the Gotham Writer’s has to offer on their website and this page isn’t an exception to it. It includes 2 questionnaires that add up to around 50 questions involving your character. Even asking what they would be doing on a Saturday afternoon.

F*** Yeah Character Development Tumblr

This site is a great one to go through. Even if you don’t like Tumblr, it’s hard to find sites that are completely about character development. I follow them on Tumblr, and love using it when I’m working on my character profiles.


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