Leibster Award Nomination

Thanks to Franny Marie for nominating me for something that I had no idea existed before! Both surprising and interesting! So here we go! 😀

The Eleven Questions Answered:

1) what are you working on right now in your writing life?

Right now I’m working on a short story and a novel that are both in the same universe. Right now I’m not going to divulge more into it other than 3 words: werewolves, witches, and cults. 😉

2) What made you have a love for writing?

I think my love for writing came from reading all the time and the fact that I would play random fantasy scenarios in my head. It was my escape from things and ended up being really great therapy for myself later on.

3) What does your writing area look like? (picture please) 


Yes those are the Werther’s Original Hard Candies (None of that sugar free. Yuck!) I’ve been eating them since I was four and they keep me calm because they make me think of my Grandpa. The PlayStation controller is for having Netflix play in the background while writing. And of course the planner I use for blogging.

4) Whats your favorite book?

The one book I love reading over and over is Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry. I read it almost every summer and the copy I have is beginning to need tape to stay intact.

5) Whats your favorite season? 

Mine is late spring. The pollen attack is over, it’s starting to get warm but the cool breeze keeps it from getting hot. Rainy days are still here but they don’t have the usual lightning that gives me anxiety attacks.

6) What do you like to do in your spare time? (Writing doesn’t count)

I actually crochet. It’s something my mom taught me when I was younger and I use it to keep me calm when I’m stressed. My anger gets focused on the yarn and the pattern, rather than on the situation I’m upset over.

7) Are you outgoing or are you a homebody?

I’m a serious homebody. I love being with my friends but I’m so socially awkward that the things that come out of my mouth are embarrassing. (Stutter and random slurring comes to mind because my brain is a lot faster than my mouth is.)

8) What kind of music do you listen to?

Right now I’m really into listening to Halestorm and Within Temptation with a little bit of The Pretty Reckless.

9) If you could choose to either change you past decisions or watch the rest of your future in small glimpse in a 3 minute video.

I would chose changing past decisions. Lots of things I would change if I could.

10) Lover or a fighter?

I would rather love than fight. But I will fight if brought to it. (Please don’t bring me to it.)

11) What state do you live in?

Born a North Carolina girl but moved to South Carolina.

Eleven Facts Given:

1. I’m a beginner Comic Book Nerd. I’ve had  fascination with them since I was a kid.
2. I’m also a Comic Book Traitor in my family. I am the only DC fan in a family of Marvel fans.

Image owned by DC Comics I would put Lady Death here too but her artwork is a little too revealing for some of those who may read this. So Batwoman it is!

3. I have trouble with social situations. I have both a stutter and slurring problem. So when my brain is moving faster than my mouth can form the words my sentences can get garbled together. It is really embarrassing and can sometimes make people think I’m on drugs when I’m actually not. Also I just find it hard to make new friends.

4. My favorite author is Patrica Briggs. The Mercy Thompson Series is something that brought my boyfriend and I a lot closer. I just really love how she has her characters set up and her overall writing style.

5. I love North Carolina sunsets over cornfields in the fall. That specific type of sunset is one that everyone should see at least once in their life.

6. I’m trying to catch up on all of the shows I used to watch. Right now I’m working on Heroes.

7. I think I lack the sense of really feeling like I have a home. I’ve had that feeling for a long time so no matter where I live, work, or just am I always feel like I’m a guest. If I start feeling “at home” somewhere something goes wrong, or I just end up feeling like I’m actually invading the space.

8. If it was possible I would probably wear the color black constantly, its just getting harder to find cute things in that color right now.

9. My drug of choice is Caffeine. I can not, and will not function without it.

10. I wish I actually had something thought provoking to write for this one.

11. Almost everyday I just want to say to people, “Yes I do know I look about 16. No I don’t care that I’ll continue to look younger when I hit 50. I just want to get today over with.”

Eleven Blogs to Tag:

I sadly don’t have that many blogs that I follow. I especially don’t have many that have under 200 followers. 😦 Sadness.


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