My Blog Schedule

Last week I wrote my first roundup post and decided to write it about making a blog schedule. While trying to find articles to use I found some really great websites for me to follow like The Past of Least Revision and One Woman Marketing. The main reason behind the post was that I am starting to need a blog schedule. With all the things I want to do this year, and trying to balance work, family, and attempting to grow into an adult; a schedule is becoming necessary.

Planner/Blog Schedule Image

A look into my blog schedule

I had to dig through some boxes but I finally found my blue planner and started getting to work on it. On the week’s schedule I went ahead and wrote down what my schedule was for the week and other events (for example karaoke on Saturday nights.) I wrote down what I want for a daily writing goal (Usually as an overall word count) and what time I wanted the posts to be published on the notes page for the week. I also copied my own version of the Daily To Do List from The SIts Girls website. Underneath I have a list of post ideas for the week and my other writing to do lists. Like how I need to get back to work on that short story and really need to start on my novel outline so I can do NaNoWriMo in November.

For the post idea list, I try to have about 5 or 6 ideas written down for the week, since I want to try getting in daily posts. With how my schedule is for work, I have to write around it so there is usually a day or two that I’m not able to write. I also have to write around my boyfriend’s schedule as well. His shifts are the complete opposite of mine, so there are many days where I’m just sitting at work waiting for him to get done so I’ll be writing at one of the empty tables.

There can still be a lot of adjustments to the schedule as I go, but for right now it kind of suits my purpose. I still need to include time for doing my free online classes, and chores, and spending time with my boyfriend. Just not enough hours in the day I guess.

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4 thoughts on “My Blog Schedule

  1. What a brilliant idea! I struggle to keep regular updates on my blog, yet never thought of keeping a diary. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

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