Set-Up a Blog Schedule Link Roundup

So today I’m testing out the idea of a Article Roundup!

I’ve been getting busier at work lately and I simply refuse to let life get in the way this time. It’s time to go on the offensive on writing rather than defensive. It may be a good idea to create a blog schedule. Or one that works around my work schedule at least.

The links posted here revolve around the topic of Blog Scheduling, from benefits of creating a schedule to free templates for you to use.

How to Determine Your Blog Schedule – CC Marketing Online

A short but simple post from CC Marketing about what to consider when creating a Post Schedule. Also includes a summarized results of research done to optimize post timing. For example: The best time to post would be between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Blogging Tips: Why to Schedule Blog Posts Ahead of Time (and Tutorial) – The Dwelling Tree

An idea list of how to get into the habit of scheduling posts. Tiffany also has a photo tutorial in how to have schedule a post for Blogger users.

5 Ingredients Required To Create a Blog Schedule that Works – John Saddington

A great article on the 5 parts that help you create you own blog schedule. I really like that he talked about how your own goals are important.

How to Find a Rockin’ Blog Schedule that Works – The Path of Least Revision

This article provides an honest, self-evaluating view on a blog schedule. Although, I really do recommend this site for editing and writing advice.

Be A Blogger: Create a Blog Schedule – ohksocialmedia

Another article that has free printables. Explains the upsides the use of theme days

Creating and Sticking to a Blog Schedule – One Woman Marketing

Another great all around site. This article takes the first steps into scheduling from a Marketing professional. She also includes advice from other experts, and different ways to create a blog schedule. And you know, free printables.

Daily Blog Checklist – The SIts Girls

I honestly think that their downloadable checklist is a must have. It is a daily to do list for advertising your blog. I really didn’t think about tweeting links to my post more than once (when it’s posted). The printable is available for download and printing.

And there you have it! My very first roundup! How do you think I did? Do you do roundups on your blog? Can you add your favorite articles to this post?

I would love to hear from you in the comments. For now I’m going to work on my own blog schedule.

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2 thoughts on “Set-Up a Blog Schedule Link Roundup

  1. What an awesome lot of information! Now I won`t feel as lost a duck in this blog scheduling business as I did before….Thanks a bunch:)

  2. Hey Jessie! Thanks for including my printables in your list! I appreciate it 🙂

    I definitely follow a blog schedule myself and I DO use theme days. Of course, they’re loose enough to allow some creativity and I don’t mind (nor does my audience) if I change them every now and again. Key being that I can schedule up to 3 months in advance so I’m never aching for a blog topic the day before it’s supposed to go live. One of THE KEYS to blog success is being organized. From there we can do just about anything we want! 🙂

    Thanks again – hope your day is going well! If you ever want to talk shop about blogging (or scheduling and time management), I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to shoot me an email.


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