Having Cheat Days

When you are on a diet and you have a day where you skip eating a healthy meal or you end up having a binge, what do you call it?

A cheat day.

I think you can have that with writing too. Most writers try to have a word count goal in hopes that it will encourage them to write daily. Mine is around 500 words a day, and most of the time I get almost half of that out in writing posts and the rest from working on my current work in progress. But somedays I can’t get in a word at all. For example, yesterday I had a morning shift at work but forgot to bring my laptop with me. My boyfriend took the car to go to his job after my shift started so I had no way home and was stuck at work until he was done. I thought, “Okay. So I’m going to have a cheat day with my writing.” I sat there for half an hour. By then I had already read all 4 newspapers we had, gotten lunch at my favorite sushi place, and talked to my dad. My hand started to twitch. Brain started to have ideas. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

I had to start writing something.

So I got up and walked down to the Dollar General and got another notebook. When I got back to work, I sat down at a table and just started making lists. I got through about four lists by the time my boyfriend got off of work. I started off with a Spring Cleaning list (a list that was only for three rooms but still ended up 2 pages long.) Then a list of things I needed to do on my day off, besides what was on the Spring Cleaning list. A list of the various projects I’m working on. (Multiple blankets, both a short story and novel, online classes, etc.)  It really helped get my brain emptied of everything running around in it.


Well I used the day of list writing as my form of a cheat day. I didn’t really work on my blog or my stories but I got writing done. I didn’t try to hit my specified word count goal either. I just got it out of my system.

What do you count as a writing “cheat day”?

By the way, this post ended up being 408 words. ;D

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