Mom, I’m a Writer.

“So I figured out what I want to do for my senior project,” my voice trying to sound optimistic and sure of myself.
“What are you gonna do,” my mom questioned, preoccupied with her online poker game.
“I’m going to do my project on writing a novel.”
And then the mouse stopped clicking.


Telling my mom that I wanted to write a book for a senior project was absolutely terrifying. I had only written fan-fictions up to that point and even then they were written in a sort of script-narrative hybrid. (Really had no clue as to what my writing style was at that point.) Probably if you ask my friend Julie she would tell you that they weren’t all that great. I had really no idea how hard it was going to be and how much I would have to go through emotionally with it (and believe me having a teenager writing with characters who are also teenagers is emotionally tumultuous). My mom knew that and she didn’t think it was all that good of an idea at first. Like most parents, she wanted me to do something practical and secure with my life. She wanted me to be a nurse, but I cannot handle vomit. (Strangely enough; blood, guts, and gore I can handle. Upchucking, not so much.) On top of that I don’t really know what to do if I felt secure about something, but that will probably be a later memoir.

Through high school my mom supported me with it, whether she thought it be just another phase or not. She would help me get through the days where my characters were aggravating me because the scenes I would put them in wouldn’t work. (And yes sometimes I do blame the characters, just to have someone to blame.) My mom even stayed up late and talked to me when I had come up with a scene that made me cry. My poor momma had to put up with a lot of crap from me, and now my boyfriend fianceé has that responsibility on his own.

It was worse when I told my parents I wanted to make a career out of writing. My dad was wondering what I specifically wanted to do with writing, and later think that I wanted to be and English teacher (or really he suggested it). My mom on the other hand, was pretty heartbroken. I think that she was hoping the writing thing was a phase I was going to grow out of, but after 5+ years I don’t think it qualified as a phase anymore. Since then, my mom has warmed up to the idea. Both of my parents ask me when am I going to get my short story done. They also ask how my day job is doing too.

Just to back track here, the novel I was writing for my senior project never got past chapter 2. I tried to continue writing after I had graduated and realized that just about everything wasn’t going to work. Full on Fantasy is something that doesn’t fit me anymore as a writer. I’ve found that Urban Fantasy is more of my niche and I think it’s something I will keep writing long after the market moves to something else.

Mom, Dad, Jared, thank you so much for supporting me and helping me go through with my dream to be a writer and an author. Thank you for pushing me to do what I want with my life no matter how much of a risk it is. Thank you so much for the support you give me. I love you. ❤




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